Monday, 8 July 2013

Guardian squad ready

Hi folks,

A very last minute decision to attend blood brothers at the Outpost in Sheffield has meant I need to get Eldar painted sharpish. I go on hols very soon and have a lot of stuff to tie up with Uni first before I go so perhaps this wasn't the wisest of decisions. However, It's only 750 points so I think it's achievable. I want to get the models to the stage where they are effectively finished and can be varnished. However, I won't be doing much detail on the gemstones as this can wait til later (I gloss them separately anyway). The list is 10 guardians, 10 dire avengers, (both in wave serpents) a farseer and a crimson hunter. I'll be allying with Commissar Bob's Imperial guard; 2 melta vet squads in chimeras, a vendetta and 2 LR tanks. Might get a chance to write a summary report before hols but in the meantime will be updating with painted units fairly frequently this week. Cheers. 

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