Saturday, 19 October 2013

Blog Wars 6 - 2 weeks to go - Eldar army list and painting progress

Hi folks,

Well, Blog Wars is almost upon us once more. I was very tempted to take Space Marines in light of the new codex and finishing both the Black Templars and White Scars some weeks back. However, I stuck to my promise of taking xenos to the next Blog Wars and have recently dragged myself away from Space Marines and started to get things together. The promise I haven't kept is my painting schedule, as to get these chappies done in 3 weeks to the highest standard I can will be quite the feat. Here's the army list I submitted:

So, I have the Guardians, Warlock, Farseer, Flyer, Spiders, Reapers, Rangers and one of the serpents done. Needing minor work are the jetbikes and dire avengers. Moderate work needed to the exodites (shining spears), second serpent and falcon. The fire dragons and fire prism need extensive work. So it's going to be a busy three weeks but if I stick to the schedule I've set and don't get tempted to do Marine stuff then it should come together in time. After Blog Wars though I will be switching back to Space Marine projects and should be taking them to Blog Wars 7 next year assuming I'm not out of the country. Here's some progress pics of the finished stuff. Cheers.


  1. Excellent work mate, they look ace! Looking forwards to seeing them in the flesh!

  2. These are looking awesome! I (like Slayer above) look forward to seeing them in the flesh! May the Dice be ever in your Favour (unless you're playing me!)