Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Tyranids - speculation on the new release

Greetings folks,

The blog hath slumbered too long thanks to the arrival of various Astartes, Fear not though, the blog will be focussing on Eldar in the coming weeks as I prepare for Blog Wars 6.

In the meantime, after a lengthy discussion with old two eyes on our journeys to and from Games Day, I though I would add some of my random musings on what we are likely to see when Nids get released. This is speculation with some parts common sense and some parts based on rumours to date.

Release date - January 2013 seems to be the popular date amongst rumour mongers.

Codex - obviously the book will be released in standard size format with a Ltd edition and I dare say hive fleet supplements not too long after.

Psychic power cards - I would expect something along the lines of the Eldar cards - two decks of offensive / bolstering powers, with access to some other powers from the rulebook.

Rules - lots of scope here but I would expect points costs to come down for certain units and for some weaponry to be revised.

Models - the real meat of the release. I've grouped them into probable, possible and unlikely:


Plastic harpy - it's in the current book and hasn't a model therefore must see a release this time around, most likely with a dual build option.

Plastic mycetic spore - again, it's already in the current book and needs a model to stave off 3rd party shennanigans. a dual build is again possible here with rumours of a hive node abound.

FC parasite of Mortrex

FC doom of Malan'tai. (alternatively see below)


Plastic broodlord to replace the current one as there are only really two clamshell plastics GW could release as things stand - a broodlord or warrior prime

Plastic 'vore' box - containing parts to build either a bio or pyro vore (plus an AA vore??) and spore mines. Makes sense to replace the finecast and release a new unit at the same time as making the older units more viable

Plastic 'thrope' box, again containing parts to make either zoan, venom or a new type of thrope. Added parts yo make the doom (if say they come in a box of 3) would also be practical

Plastic 'Guard' box, with the option to build hive, tyrant or new guard (again, AA option??) Once again makes too much sense not to happen if they stick with what we've seen recently.

Plastic warrior prime clamshell - would be rather large for a clamshell but still possible.


Plastic warrior box - incorporating all options including wings, CC weapons and even the option to build a prime. Would cost a small fortune considering how much they cost currently though.

Plastic gaunts box - contains the weapons options missing from the book - more likely they'll just be removed.

Large beasty dual build - given GWs current trends this is actually pretty likely but will depend on what their approach to the release is as discussed below.


Regardless it should be a great release, though when I look at the above list it is apparant that in order to minimise the amount of finecast they have in the range (as well as fill in missing units) the nids release would have to be the size of the Dark Elf one spread across 2 months. More likely, the release will fill the gaps and at the same time add a completely new large dual build unit and one of the vore/thrope/guard boxes with a new variant to boost sales. I dare say once the supplements are coming in thick and fast and the amount of codices needing a 6th update are fewer that we will see model waves eliminating more and more of the finecast from the equation. 3 months to go!

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