Sunday, 16 November 2014

November mega hobby update

Hi folks,

Been a month since my last post as I've been busy at work and with painting crimson fists and deathwatch. Suffice to say I am taking a bit of a break from marines (short lived if the blood angel rumours are true) and trying to give the xenos some love.

Orks are still ongoing as I have a gorkanaut and morkanaut ALMOST finished but just needing me to crack on with them for a couple of hours. I also picked up some cheap fantasy orcs to convert to a snakebite mob and have some kans/nobs from stormclaw sitting in a box waiting for assembly. Essentially, they're on the to do list but keep getting shoved to the bottom of the pile.

Dark eldar, however, have been more in the spotlight and I've assembled 5 more wracks to make 10 total and a court of the archon. Add to that a voidraven and my de army is just about where I want it. Mankdrakes and grotesques are on the long term wish list and so the dark eldar are due a revisit sometime in the future.

 I went a bit crazy a few weeks ago and decided to fulfil some wishlist love with their craftworld cousins, however. I have assembled a fw avatar to replace my poor, tiny metal one. Also, my first fw superheavy is in the process of being put together - a revenant titan! Amazing kit!

Tyranids I am trying to ignore the existence of as there are so many great kits out there I would love to get ahold of and by the time I've done that my army (which is fully tabletop painted at present) would double in size! However, I may not be able to resist a small purchase in the new year.

Necrons I am also ignoring until they get their update. That being said, I am painting a small group of them up for Matt and Alex to take to a tournament end of this month and so it will be nice to have some units already done in advance of a Codex release.

As for other projects, I have no plans in the near future. Tau i consider finished and chaos is a project so vast in the undertaking that I want everything else done and dusted before even attempting to tackle them.

My knight is assembled and sisters of battle will never even be attempted without plastics. I do at some point need to assemble my imperial guard infantry who are well overdue some love. Inquisition forces gained a new ally in the form of a Gideon lorr model I picked up for a bargain and are awaiting the construction of a third stormtrooper squad to complete them. And I still haven't found that pesky eversor assassin to finish my assassin formation.

And so that's about it then. Busy busy busy and all over the place as usual but I've made some solid progress in what has been a solid 18 months of releases. Aside from the above there is talk of myself and Dan starting up a joint mechanicum army after Easter time and soiI am aiming to be on top of all other projects by then. Cheers.


  1. Wow jimbo! You are working on a lot of stuff at once! Assassin looks great. Is one of your gork/morks a recast? How did it turn out? I've wondered about the plastic recasts. Looked like a great source to get a ton of bits for cheap.

    1. Hi Greg,
      Yep , never happy unless I've taken on more than I can handle! In the grand scheme of things though I'm only a stones throw from having everything I own assembled leaving more painting time.
      The naut is indeed a recast. It wasn't without its flaws but probably took the same amount of assembly time as a plastic one would have. Then again it was only 40 usd shipped! And if anything can get away with being a bit shabby it's a mek construct.

    2. Good to know. I was thinking of using some of the naut pieces for conversions, but purchasing another naut just for bitz seems nuts. But buying the bitz separately is even crazier. 40 USD shipped would give me quite the conversion bank by comparison!