Sunday, 4 October 2015

Eldar super heavies - cobraaaaaa

Hi folks,

Beakies have been getting most of the love of late and so this blog has been somewhat neglected. Still, nearly at the end of the space marine projects and so have some necron and eldar projects in the pipeline. Eldar first,aand I'm hoping to have 3 super heavies assembled and primed ready for a full on trial with Alex's airbrush in the autumn. The revenant has been ready for paint for some time and now finds itself joined by a cobra grav tank. Personally more of a scorpion fan but had the chance to pick this beauty up cheap. It's a lovely model and I'mllooking forward to giving it a lick of paint next month. Lastly, I mentioned 3 super heavies. The 3rd one isn't here yet but I've got a base to start work on which you can see with the cobra on below. Cheers. 

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  1. I love the eldar super heavy tanks. Just gorgeous!