Thursday, 10 December 2015

phantom titan progress - base finished

Greets folks. Just a small update to project: phantom. He's still standing! I've decorated the base somewhat with a rather impromtu addition in the form of a small Eldar walkway made from plasticard. It helps with scale and removes that massive void from the base. I simply made a couple of templates; one of a curved step and one of a butress and repeated x6/x8 respectively. I then cut down an old brush handle and topped it with an Eldar missile launcher part before adding the steps to it 45 degrees apart and slightly above each other to resemble a winding staircase. Last steps were to make the walkway itself, which was then tiled with more plasticard in an ad-hoc Eldar fashion. The 6 butressed were attached to both the base and the walkway before adding some greenstuff gems and a length of cable to serve as a rail. Almost finished now, just need to do a bit more work on the body and we're all set for spraying. Farseer is for scale, though ultimately I will be tempted to add a couple of figures to the base. Cheers.

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