Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hobby updates and a very belated welcome to 2016

Hi guys,
I posted on my other blog for the first time this year on Monday but it has been even longer for this Blog since I last posted anything. Exams, new job, house moving etc etc have made for less spare time and though I've squeezed in hobby / gaming, blogging has sadly fallen by the wayside. Still, now I should be able to post more regularly. Here are the things I've been working on so far and will continue to work on for the forseeable future.
I'm hoping to assemble a small Admech army and the start collecting set has been a great way to kick-off. So far I have 30 rangers/vanguard, a Dominus and two Onagers, so still a long way to go but at least it makes for a legal ar 
Wow, what a long time coming these models have been. And they don't disappoint in the slightest. Absolutely love the modern take on the designs and am thrilled that GW has revisited one of the armies / fluff pieces that have helped make 40k what it is today. I just hope that this means Eldar Exodites, Arbites etc are due some love too. Let's hope that both Genecult and Deathwatch get some further support later on in the form of Harlequin-style mini-releases and codexes. Paint scheme wise I've gone with Kraken to fall in line with the rest of my Tyranids, and with purple-tinted metallic mining gear, orange overalls and green rags. I used textured plasticard for basing all the larger models, but used my Iron Hands bases for the 25mm ones as they're getting replaced anyway. 

I have only just started dabbling again with these chappies. Essentially, I have 4 armies in boxes needing attention to get them up to speed. Luna Wolves and Necrons I am addressing this year, with Chaos and Imperial Guard next year. The Necrons effectively have a tomb awakened set needing assembly along with some undercoat / basecoat spraying and the update to 32mm. Should be quite the army once finished and very striking with the chrome / gold models and green crystals on bases. Along with Luna wolves, these chaps will be getting the most hobby attention between now and Summer.  

I began my third phase of expansion with the Tau, investing in the new start collecting set, Commander, some spare turrets and eventually both a stormsurge and Supremacy suit. Most of it is now assembled and both undercoated and basecoated, but the big chap is packed away so only some in progress shots of him. Really love the new Tau kits and design aesthetic. As far as paint schemes go, I was initially intending on Tau sept ochre using the desert coloured army painter spray as a basecoat. However, I'm now torn between using a more zamesi desert colour and am working on side-by-side test models to compare. Outstanding models are the stormsurge, the big guns for the supremacy suit and a few drones / weapon systems / fire warriors then the army is all good to go.  

Curse my folly. Tragedy befell the tenuously balanced phantom as I took him to Alex's for an airbrush session. With no particular focus of trauma, the leg simply snapped at the hip joint and the whole thing ended up on the pavement. Luckily nothing major broke anywhere except at the joints. I have since consigned it to the cupboard in pieces where it will stay until after I have moved house. I have already got some more brass rod and intend to rework the leg position so he is still running and dynamic but so that the trailing foot is adjoined to the base for greater stability. Will be a while though. 

Sniff, before the fall. That's all folks.

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