Sunday, 3 September 2017

Eldar titan resurrection

Hi all

Been a little while as I've been busy with Luna wolves and sons of orar. However, I have always planned to turn attention toward a few non marine me side projects right up until the end of the year when I plan to turn to non marine projects, namely harlequins, admech, talons and genecults. The other day I therefore turned my attention to a few Xenos side projects. A few necron and tau characters are now assembled and basecoated, but more importantly I turned my attention to my eldar titans.

The revenant has been sitting pretty with a grey basecoat on it for sometime now. In fact, since the day that I transported them to Alex's house for spraying and the phantom collaped into pieces on the way out of the door! I've now used some skeleton bone spray from army painter to give it some proper colour as can be seen below.

As for the big chap himself, here is a pic of the pose I achieved for the phantom initially and the subsequent collapse:

It spent just over a year in pieces in a draw awaiting me to finally try and put it back together. As it happens it wasn't such a big deal in the end. A few hours of minor repairs (most damaged areas were on the joins anyway), some reposing of the legs to give it both feet on the ground for stability and extra lengths of brass rod being added have led to its resurrection.

It was also given a few coats of the skeleton bone spray and I even went a step further and started to add the blue colouring on it to match my old school Alaitoc wraith constructs. WIll be a while until I add any more work to them but for now at least I give you the happy couple. Cheers.

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  1. Wow jimbo...the phantom makes the revanant look itty bitty!