The dying stardrifters (Eldar)

Eldar were the third army I started after getting back into 40k, having always had a soft spot for them and a few models (5 banshees, avatar) from back in the day. The new range of models was awesome and so I gradually built up an alaitoc force, again being a sucker for the old school way of things. I've had mixed success with them on the field of battle as I think they're a hard army to master (for me anyway). Since The army has won best painted on at least one occasion and I'm very happy with how it looks. My main issue with it is that I almost always end up taking the same units these days in order to perform well. My lists aren't cheesy, I just find that I can't get the most out of the points if not. 

With the army fully assembled and about half fully painted I aim to gradually chip at the rest to bring it into line. The most recent addition was a unit of Storm Guardians and some converted shingin spears, which are meant to represent corsairs and exodites respectively. This got me thinking about building a small project army at some point in the future to supplement the main army - a few more jetbike riders (on pteradons) and some converted wrathknights (Eldar bright stallion/towering destroyer) and some dinosaurs packing support weapons, plus a wave serpent for the storm guardians. Quite the undertaking but I really like the idea of more corsairs and exodites allying alongside Alaitoc through the webway. One day who knows. 

Farseer with witchblade
Farseer with singing spear
Jain Zar
Warlock council (6)
Wraithguard (10)
Wraithblades (5)
Fire dragons (5 + exarch)
harlequins (10 + jester/master/shadowseer)
striking scorpions (10 + exarch)
howling banshees (10 + exarch)
dire avengers (10 + exarch)
dire avengers (10 + exarch)
guardian jetbikes (4)
Rangers (10)
Guardians (10)
Guardians (10)
Storm Guardians (10)
wave serpent
wave serpent
warp spiders (10 + exarch)
swooping hawks (4 + exarch)
Shining spears (5) - exodite counts as
Vypers (3)
Crimson Hunter
Dark reapers (4 + exarch)
war walkers (3)
falcon/Fire prism
night spinner/Fire prism