The great devourer (Tyranids)

Tyranids (yet again) happened by accident. I was browsing EBay, which is always dangerous, and came across a nice army which was entirely plastic and finecast, mostly undercoated, half painted, and had the exact colour scheme that I wanted for Nids. Added to the fact I already had the space hulk genestealers I finally relented and bought them. This gave me an instant 2000pt army to play with, all the needed was a bit of mold line trimming and weapon swapping here and there. They've only had one outing so far but they performed well Vs Space Wolves using one of the Tyranid planetstrike missions. (the one where you appear in 1 of 6 random table sections per unit) I added an old tyrant guard model (warrior prime) and a couple of finecast tyrant guard/venomthrope to round them off, with all I need now being a few more gribblies to be spawned from the tervigon conversion (nicely made from carnifex/Mawloc parts) Here's the list and a pic of the colour scheme below:

Hive tyrant + lashwip/bonesword
2 tyrant guard
Warrior Prime + lashwip/bonesword
16 termagants
16 hormagaunts
5 ripper bases
9 warriors with deathspitters
38 genestealers + broodlord
2 hive guard
2 zoanthropes