The green tide (Orks)

When I first started back with 40k, Orks were one of the two armies I still retained from 10 years previous. The models and general theme of the Orks, however, had changed quite drastically from what it once was into what they now resembled. I have gradually added to the army making good use of the battleforce and AoBR kits to bulk it out, while retaining a lot of the second ed models, such as the grots, goff boyz, bad moon boyz, dreadnought, mega armour nobz, bikes, battlewagon etc. They look somewhat out of place within the rank but the Orks are anything if not unique in their appearances. I hope towards the latter half of 2014 to add some more of the new Ork units into the army also. Generally, the army is split into 6 roughly 1000 point factions each themed to represent one of the clans, with a bad mek stompa and some freebootas thrown in for good measure. The idea is that by pairing elements of say 2 or 3 clans together you should have a fairly decent fighting force. I've made a real push with these chaps to get them all assembled and undercoated so now they are ready for gaming, just needing paintjobs in the years to come.