Sunday 13 May 2018

Imperial soup army - Ultra-Mordians. Plus Thousand Sons.

Hi all. Though technically this isn’t exclusively a non space marine army I just wanted to share it and haven’t updated this blog in a few months. Sidetracking for a moment, I’ve organised a tale of gamers type event at my local club with 12 of us participating, mostly 40k. This is to incentivise is all to regularly commit to painting up and gradually building an army of choice. Although I still have a couple of outstanding hobby commitments (namely admech and imperial guard) I’m trying to move on to chaos stuff now and this seemed a good way to do it. My first fully painted model can be seen below. Another aside, I will share pics of my genestealer Cult army in a post soon. 

Back to business. I chose this army as I wanted to paint a few marines to base standard and some imperial guard also. I’ve always loved the Mordian models and so though lt a small detachment of them would be great. In addition, I have the Guilleman model but have never used him in battle so now seemed a good time. Hence the ultramordians were born. It was a 1500 point battle and I think at this points level g-man, beast that he is, is a little too pricey relative to the overall army cost. I won one game and lost 2 (one of which was to the overall winner) but had a great day and feel I made a good achievement getting everything painted to tabletop standards. Cheers.

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