Wednesday 25 July 2018

Imperial Knights take to the field

Greetings all.

I've finally pulled my finger out and got these guys magnetised and assembled. What started as a single freeblade back when knights were first released has now grown into a small army. I purchased the Renegade box a while back but was never quite sure how to split it - I wanted one knight to be mechanicus and another to be chaos, which left me with my original freeblade. However, the advent of forgebane, the helverins and now a second copy of Renegade (new version) has left me able to still retain a knight each for chaos/mechanicum and still start a knight army.

I decided early on that I didn't want a whole knight army painted in the same colour as my ryza mechanicus, and thus I have adopted the colour scheme of my original knight freeblade. This is gold skeleton, black armour with silver trim and flames painted on the panels. I found an airbrush to be relatively useful in getting this done quickly, though my inexperience with it did result in several blockages. Of course, before embarking on a spray-fest I fully magnetised them all.

Fluff-wise, these chaps are called the 'Knights of Avalon' and I have used them as Taranis thus far as it fits with what I wanted for them. They are a band of freeblades, exiles, lone survivors and knights who have answered the call. They believe themselves to be on a holy crusade following the Emperor's will as divined by the Imperial Tarot. Upon forsaking their original oaths they repaint their armour - this is to represent the gold of the Emperor encased by black night, and flames to mark his eventual resurrection. They are named for Arthurian legend.

Ultimately I would like 12 Knights, (as in the number who supposedly sat around the round table, though this varies wildly) but am setting a milestone of 10 for end of the year - the last two probably to come when GW updates knights again or from FW. I have 7 thus far and the addition of a valiant, castellan and preceptor with make up the numbers. Only one of them is painted in the flame scheme thus far but more to follow. CHeers.

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