Monday 3 September 2018

Ryza adeptus mechanicus army takes shape.

Greetings all.

Thought I would share my latest hobby offering. I decided to go with ryza for admech - I like the fluff, the name and, most of all, the colour. For the cloaks I went with a layer of troll slayer orange over jokaero and then shaded and highlighted with fire dragon bright and carroburg crimson. Lastly, a glaze with an old lava orange ink brought it all together. For the robots and other vehicles I used alclad candy lacquer with an airbrush. Tricky to get right as the coverage has to be total but worth it. The airbursh was also useful for the plasma effects. Lastly, they were all ryza transfers apllied then based with the martian texture paints, varnished (gloss for the bots). They are complete aside from some highlighting (ran out of time) and thus I will probably now move on to assembling the rest of the army. Very happy with the results and how they performed at the tournament, 



  1. Dude! Those look awesome! Especially the Kastellans, all shiny and deadly!

  2. Cheers man, i've been wanting to use the candy paints on admech for a long time and now I have an airbrush it had to happen. Hoping to add to them over the coming month.

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