Sunday 15 November 2020

Long overdue hobby updates

Hello everyone. I have been off the radar for almost 2 years now it appears from the date of my last post. Many a reason for this. Exams, new baby, new job, working on the house and garden, COVID etc etc. the blog(s) just fell by the wayside sadly. Hobby output is less now than previously but I’m still plodding on through the endless backlog. Sadly not gaming at present due to COVID (my last game was 8th edition). Still, today I am sitting down for a few hours and updating some things on both sites, as well as clearing out the spam comments. Hopefully this will be a more regular thing from now on but as my hobby output is less, there'll be less to share.

Previously I have let my love of loyalist marines dominate my hobby time, but am branching out now into other armies. The past 2 years I have expanded several fledgling armies into full blown complete collections, most notably imperial knights, death guard, genestealer cults and adeptus sororitas. These are collections that are fully assembled and basecoated. With a couple of hitches that is. I stupidly (after several weeks of hard labour) took a load of sisters and death guard outside to spray them on an unusually warm day. Long story short - the spray finish was rough rather than smooth on leaving me rather annoyed that I'd tripped at the final hurdle. I still need to strip a load of them.

For loyalists, I've made a good start to my sisters (another separate post on them coming up in a while) with a fair few fully painted. Several of my custom knight household are painted as things stand. The admech have been updated with all their bases done and 'most' models basecoated, though I am slowly ploughing through airbrushing chrome onto the vehicles. I have a small cadian (necromundan) infantry army which I have developed a speed painting technique for as seen below. I also have a leman russ tank division but am struggling to find a colour I like for them. Once I've decided I can blast through spraying them fairly quickly. 

Moving onto chaos now, I've done nothing in terms of daemons (except a copy of wrath n rapture gathering dust) but have collected a fair few chaos marines for an upcoming black legion project. I assembled an alpha legion force (Test models seen below) and also the aforementioned death guard - my only  army painted using contrast. (Note the skaven cultists)


 Lastly the xenos. No action for orks or tau, though I did paint up a fair few nids for a game at whw pre-COVID. I've recently started to put the finishing touches to my Alaitoc army incorporating some corsairs as swooping hawks and rebasing most of the army. I'm now starting to move on to updating my necrons with the new releases. Fingers crossed I will post up about my sisters soon as i'm particularly proud of them. Cheers. 



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